St. Valentine's PNCC

Christmas Dinner at St. Valentine’s

Dear Parishioners and Friends!

Please don’t forget about our traditional Parish Christmas Dinner, December 17th. Holy Mass at 9:30 AM, Dinner begins at 10:30 AM.

Everything on the menu is homemade.

Mushroom soup (made by Vickie),
Sauerkraut and mushrooms pierogi (made by Izabela),
Potato and cheese pierogi (made by Fr. Mariusz),
Sauerkraut pierogi (made by Izabela),
Fried flounder (made by Dawn & Chris),
Backed fish (made by Trish),
Green beans (made by Vickie),
Breaded mushrooms (made by Kathy),
Egg, mushroom, green onion salad (made by Fr. Mariusz),
Parsley potatoes (made by Joyce),
Apple pie (made by Izabela),
Poppy seed roll
Cake (donated by Joyce)

Tickets available at the door.

Please join us.